The city is alive with the blooming of the feminine;

Smiles are absent,

Leaving the still stoicism of oblivious grace.

The flowering faces of women unsheathed;

Their apple bosoms,

Their willowy limbs,

Extending in curves and arcs.


Short floral dresses rustle upon vibrant thighs;

Thighs that extend down

To knees, calves and feet,

Taking step after step in the sultry heat.

Hair, taut, tied and tussled,

Framing razor sharp brows;

Arcing gates,

Crowning cutting stares of dissolving detachment.


Beyond archipelago eyes,

Island eyes,

Faraway stares;

Their thoughts rest feathered

By clouds of precipitous desires

Of an ungraspable wanting;

These castaway creatures of restless habitation,

Simply hovering beyond the dreams of the surrounding men.


What haunts you so?

What troubles your toes and vexes your fingers?

What do you seek to find

In the unfathomable distances of your lunar lingering?

What makes you fly so far from here?


24 September 2013