This night is fire,

Burning eyes

Search out distances,

And connections;

Diminishing reservations.

The odes of the lyre,

Tuneful melodies

Serenading dancers,

And romancers;

Searching for answers

To the call

Of this night’s sweet melodies,


As glasses floweth over;

Blood red wine,


Within sensual seas

Of hopeful serendipities.

This night burns

With faraway calls

Of consummation and promiscuity,

Bacchanal revelry;

Heartfelt thirsts

Driving desperate divers

In search of pearls;

The worm of night uncoils

In the heat of sultry silences,

As music drives

The beats of the heart,

Chiming new starts,

Clinging to pale promises

Evaporating in the heat

Of postulated passions,


Of the fickle heart.


4 August 2017