Were you to reach out your hand,

Lighting up avenues new,

With your elemental evanescence,

I’d follow you, beneath the cobalt blue,

Oh, sky cracked hues, tempestuous and true.


The delicacy of your ways,

The pale promise of fortitude,

The melancholy of your smile,

A winter of servitude, a love that slew,

Oh, the warmth in you, lost in frosted morning dew.


And so I knock upon your door,

Bewitched, spellbound, intoxicated,

Enraptured in the aroma of your presence,

I wish to triumph liberated, to love reciprocated,

Oh, to worship the fated, with passion consummated.


For it is the fire of your earthy eyes,

That leads to those fertile pastures,

Of your temporal topography,

To simply sip, from the passions of your lips,

Oh, to circuitously skip, on the waves of your moonlight trip.


2 August 2017